Praia do PreĆ”

Prea Beach Brazil

Jericoacoara National Park - Brazil

The Official Guide of Prea Beach Brazil

Prea Beach

Prea is just 12 km from the center of Jericoacoara, is the main gateway to reach the Jeri center town.

Prea Kitesurfing Beach - Cruz - Jericoacoara Brazil

Prea is a quiet village, is 280 km from Fortaleza way to Jericoacoara National Park. Arriving in Prea is a fantastic experience, from its openness and regional cuisine. Prea is an ecological paradise bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, began its tourism activity in 1999 with the arrival of kitesurfers looking for a favorable winds.

Visitors who is arriving in Prea Beach got winds 30-40 knots, during the whole year.

Besides the kitesurfing condicion, the beautiful beach itself offers a pleasant environment in which you can make eco-tour walking by foot or by horse untill Jericoacoara National Park. The village has tents and bar, till the simplest to the more structured, with many splendid locations along the beach with direct access to it.

Tourist activity in Prea is growing day by day and being structured to receive tourists from various countries and Brazil.

Prea Beach has so wide space for kitesurfing and there is a lot of kitespot at the beach. Prea is surrounded by several natural attractions, such as lagoons, coconut palms and mangroves. Considered as the main beach for sports activities, and it's the official beach for Kitesurfing, Prea does not offer a lively nightlife, but it provides a familiar environment with the nature of Jericoacoara National Park.

There are many options for leisure and culture. In business or pleasure, you'll definitely want to return often to enjoy.

The sky and the stars are happy to see the magnitude of Prea Beach being celebrated and coveted each day of the year for people who simply do not experience such unspeakable moments in life. During full moon, the moon approaches the visitors to wish welcome. Even in the darkest moments, you see a star, smiling in heaven.

Here in Prea everything fits. Imagine the moon rising between coconut palms and brings the act of divine harmony and only those who have an open heart can perceive this beauty. If all this were not enough gift, still has a nice breeze and a wind to die for. Happy those who enjoy this paradise blessed and those returning to the endless moment of joy and happiness of being once more in the famous beach of Prea.

Discover this paradise and reap the good fruits that that destiny gives you.