Praia do Preá

Prea Beach Brazil

Jericoacoara National Park - Brazil

The Official Guide of Prea Beach Brazil

Prea Attractions

The attractions of Prea as leisure and tourist destination of the route of emotions are part of the new trading sunshine and beach.

In this small environment, the National Park of Jericoacoara, or piece of paradise is the visible legacy of the ancient people left in this paradise and now it is essential to create the means to continue to protect its sustainability in tourism.

We have the understanding of visitors in the protection of the environment.

To enjoy this paradise, you must forget all the trappings of city life to be able to live what's best beach of Prea. Through their cultural expression, such as praying, party where participants leave the streets with masks, another annual festival is among the famous feast of St. Joseph which attracts people from different regions.

It´s promoted each year, a motorcycle rally via beach or lagoon with the residents of Prea beach to an awakening of a positive attitude to the issue of non-degradation of the environment.

The capoeira center invites visitors to a round of capoeira with the natives, very common practice among young people here

The envirenment envite to relax and find inner peace.

Early morning sunrise comes from the clouds, radiant and splendid. Yoga lovers can not resist all this gift, full of mysteries. In the morning we see emerge a candle in the distance, is another fisherman who arrives on earth, smiling and friendly, so for them, life without much complication. Everyone here is very simple. Arriving in Prea Beach is a satisfaction.