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Jericoacoara National Park - Brazil

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Blue Lagoon - Jijoca of Jericoacoara

The lake that boosts energy and become in tune with the visitors.

It is common to hear people saying that the whole pond is the same and there is no difference....but these words have caused many to repent of not having known before the Blue Lagoon. The tropical climate and vegetation takes over the entire lake, which lies near the National Park of Jericoacoara. The tour is fabulous and hard to believe that this region has something so beautiful. The charm of the lagoon due to the care of native visitors who will raise awareness of the value it represents for all the contribution of all to keep this gift always perfect, which over the years has been taken care of by the natives at environmental agencies

Here children learn to swim and play with the country, is a relaxed and comfortable with the point of not seeing the time pass.

Today the Blue Lagoon offers a well equipped pousadas and restaurants and the staff are able to offer a top quality service to the public nationally and internationally. Reaching the lake hiking, is a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to explore nature. An activity practiced in this paradise is diving, which makes an unforgettable environment, because it can see the fish and reflect a beam of light blue ever seen. Throughout the year, the attraction remains open for divers and lovers of nature that is a reference on the covers of magazines and newspapers and named one of the most beautiful and clean lakes in Brazil. Here the charm and beauty has its special place: the Blue Lagoon.

Here the charm and beauty has its special place: the Blue Lagoon.

The remarkable thing, besides its proximity to the Paradise Lagoon is the magic, mystery and to understand how something can be created so fantastic and at the same time be able to change behavior and habits by a simple romantic stroll late afternoon on the edge of the pond. The Blue Lagoon is a haven, where everything seems to be refreshing, because here's a great feeling to be in full contact with the wonders of a blessed place. So you need to feel nature in its total fullness. The testimony is shared by many people who can not forget the feeling of being in paradise. Some have the sad reality of not being able to take this piece of paradise to yourself. However please take these moments and make those who love this paradise.