Praia do Preá

Prea Beach Brazil

Jericoacoara National Park - Brazil

The Official Guide of Prea Beach Brazil

How to get in Prea

There are those who hint that the best path to Prea - Fortaleza - Jericoacoara, is the CE 085, known as route of the setting sun.

Practically this route, this saves about 50 km, and the sections have few curves. When driving at night, extreme caution is necessary because there are animals that travel on the track, especially at night, obscuring the driver's visibility. It is also possible to contact private transport operators, who take this path consistently, then eliminating the headache of renting cars or taking buses.

The private transfer service, the driver will pick you up (a) at the airport or hotel, regardless of time.

Before traveling it is good, check the map on Google Prea to be able to find and still have a sense of distance and the desired destination. To get to Jericoacoara and Prea Beach is advisable to make a correct planning of the arrival time at the International Airport Pinto Martins in Fortaleza, the match time schedule bus, which possibly have to purchase tickets well in advance especially during high season.

To get to Jericoacoara and Prea Beach is not necessary to leave the car parked in Jijoca, no access road to Prea carroçal of feral, there is no sand on this stretch, and the route is 12 km.