Praia do PreĆ”

Prea Beach Brazil

Jericoacoara National Park - Brazil

The Official Guide of Prea Beach Brazil

Kitesurfing in Prea

In Prea the winds reach 30 to 40 knots and not only that, here, someone really learns to Kitesurfing.

Voted among the best beach in the world to practice sports, cavy lives now with native who loves to practice Kitesurfing and participate in tournaments and courses are updated with the organization that regulates instructors to teach, IKO.

The ideal kite to learn is to do the full course with instructors trained by IKO, which provided the basic, intermediate and advanced are given. Usually the complete course can take between four to five days, also depending on wind and weather conditions in the region.

Some schools hire Kitesurfing equipment complete and very current with the latest security tools.

The sea beach of Prea is flat and without geographical feature allowing students to feel safe when learning Kitesurfinging, not to mention that the winds are offshore, ie, the wind blows from sea to land. Therefore the fall in the water the kite, it is possible to easily raise it again.

The kite beach, live the excitement of entering the water each time

The Kitesurfingers in Prea show the idea of courage, balance and overcoming under the waves, and teach patience and determination to learn this sport. Question as little adventurous, can have "dominion" over a physical medium visible and invisible, wave and wind, to have fun and enjoy a sense of peace and a spirit confident of their abilities.

For it is known that the bumps at the beginning, are large and a momentary idea of giving up the dream of a board is already far away. But little by little is understood that Kitesurfinging is a way to relieve stress and pain of a horrible world, as told by some adventurers who have several years experience in the practice of sports and now can not drop it in any way.

How does it feel to learn kitesurfing in Prea?

The feeling and emotion to learn kite is huge and there are no words to describe. Today is a sport practiced in the four corners of the earth. And every year the kite surfers are looking for a path winds perfect, every adventure is a thrill and such. The Northeast is one of the best point and attractive to the sport of sails and boards, especially in Ceara.

This is a reality that happens in Praia do Prea not only for its beauty and attractiveness, but by strong winds, lodging and school quality kite structured, adding that all this equal satisfaction and return on Kitesurfingers. Blessed, blessed is the sea that gives joy and satisfaction. For we know that few places in the world, can give peace and quiet.