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Paradise Lagoon - Jijoca

The Lagoa do Paraiso provides the ride more prazero, exciting and unforgettable of all.

Paradise Lagoon is one of the main attractions of the region, towards Jijoca Jericoacoara, known as the patrimony of all, is an enabling environment for refreshment. The lagoon of Paradise has been featured in several magazines and chosen as one of the best lakes in Brazil. It is also a destination for all access and steep, promises to surprise those who can not leave the water, surrounded by cashew and vegetation of the region.

The effort to reach, is rewarded after a dip in crystal clear waters and a breathtaking view.

It is possible to see the earth below, so is the Paradise Lagoon, full of life. You can spend the day, it does not lack for things to do, as long zip line, boating, kayaking to kite a swim in deep water. Enjoy the activities related to this leisure environment, where natural beauty is seen as something divine. In some restaurants, the tables and chairs are on the water, something else that attracts the attention of visitors.

It is noteworthy that to enjoy every moment and in no hurry to know the region, it is necessary to organize a schedule of activities, excursions to the lakes, beaches and dunes combined with the amount of days, so you can see all these wonders. Do not miss the Blue Lagoon, a few kilometer from the Lagoa do Paraiso.

How to explain the movement and growth in tourist Lagoa do Paraiso.

Sustainable tourism and awareness of the region is a factor well known and adds love, respect and care for the Lake of Paradise. The characteristics of the lagoon, as a tourist attraction, presents a sharp and gleaming path of business opportunity to the residents on the edge of the pond and since then working in the area of tourism, a tourism focused strongly support the environmental practices. The potential of the region are a real treasure, where each tries to get the Maximum.