Praia do Preá

Prea Beach Brazil

Jericoacoara National Park - Brazil

The Official Guide of Prea Beach Brazil

Restaurants in Prea

Prea Village has a unique regional cuisine based on seafood..

Right at the sea shore, there are restaurants and hunt, with a profile for every taste. At a glance, you realize the simplicity and care that makes a difference. Here, the hospitality has your space!

The fishing activity remains constant in this region. The fish are easily caught, "fresh fish", the preparation is done immediately, leaving those who enjoy a different cuisine, with mouthwatering. Some restaurants and hunt do not accept credit card. So its important bring money in good amount, considering the days of lodging in Prea. Usually in some restaurants it is necessary to set a time.

The Prea Beach cuisine has its own special features peculiar to its environment. Every meal prepared get a touch of love.

Rancho do Peixe Restaurant

Rua da Praia, s/n - Preá - Cruz
Working time:12:00 às 16:00 e 18:00 às 22:00
Type of cuisine: Seafood,fishes and pastas

Rancho do Peixe Restaurant - Prea Kite Beach Brazil

Rancho do Peixe Restaurant has the best and tasty, exotic food in Prea viallage and the menu is prepared based on seafood and fishes always freshly, a rich galinhada, baiao-de-dois, panelada, pastries banana pie, sweet cashew, tapioca and coconut. These are only a few regional dishes. We also have our speciality in international cuisine.

Azul do Mar

Av. Beira Mar, s/n
Working time: 12h/18h
Type of cuisine: SeaFood

Azul do Mar Restaurant - Prea Beach Brazil

The Restaurant Azul do Mar specializes in seafood, and appointed by famous trip magazine, the four wheels guide "Guia 4 Rodas" as the best restaurant in the area. Provides a tent on the beach overlooking the sea, where you can eat and still feel the nice sea breeze.